How to Submit a Paper Online

NOTE: The Writing Center has switched to Google Docs. Submitting a paper online is now a two step process.

First: Fill out a mandatory submission form. A tutor cannot review your paper without this form.

Second: Submit your paper with Google Docs using the instructions below.

1. Sign into your Brenau email account.
2. Click on "Documents" at the top of the screen.
3. Either click "Create" to copy and paste your essay onto the document form,
Click the "Upload" button on the right of "Create" and upload the file from your computer.
4. In the top right, click "Share."
5. Type in the "Add People" box.
6. Your paper has been submitted. A notification will be sent to the Online Writing Center, and a tutor will review your essay. Once the tutor has completed their reivew, you will be sent an email notification. Click on the link in the email, and you will be directed back to your essay.
7. Please complete the feedback form the tutor send following review of your essay. Your feedback ensures that our services to students are as effective as possible.