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Katie Hall

Director of the Writing Center and Instructor of English


"After we got together, I realized my finished product was going to be what I wanted from this paper, but I was still a bit confused UNTIL I began typing on your rough draft. It really is flowing much better. Thank you! I will have my paper completed this evening for your review." - C.V.

"Jenny, you did a GREAT job reviewing my paper and providing insight for improvement. Keep up the good work." - R.W.

"You were wonderful. Thanks a million!" - A.M.

"Done! Thank you for your work on this project. Now we cross our fingers and pray. How much do I owe you? $1,000,000 is what you deserve!!!!!!" - C.W.

"I feel much better about this paper. I actually like it now! Thank you, thank you!!" - C.V. 

"Jenny, thank you so much for coming Saturday. You did a great job covering the material in a fun and entertaining manner. I think most of the students really enjoyed it - The 3rd year students said they wished they had the content earlier so we definitely need this in the early courses & orientation. Thank you so much!!!" - Dr. Cathy Dyches, Graduate Nursing Program Coordinator

“This was one of the best presentations in our masters FNP program! ...and we are “third year” students so that’s saying a lot!”
“She was a great instructor. She was very energetic and conveyed the information very effectively. She often interjected comical statements which helped hold my attention.” 

“She provided direction to the organization of a scholarly paper.” 

“This class was very helpful as it reminded students of the importance and power of effective writing. The review regarding APA was very helpful and brought clarity to some questions I had regarding the subject.” 

“Very knowledgeable about the subject and entertaining.” 

“She is very passionate and informative.”

Brenau's Graduate Writing Services offers students the assistance they need to write effective scholarly papers at the graduate level. 

We offer the following services:

  • Editing class papers, theses, and dissertations
  • Providing writing instruction for graduate students with limited experience and training in scholarly writing 
  • Offering assistance with formatting and documentation for APA and MLA styles
  • Supporting writers for whom English is a second language.

 Getting Started

  1. Submit your written work or question via email or our Online Submission Form to a GWS consultant.
  2. Receive initial feedback and recommendations.
  3. If recommended, contact a Student Accounts Representative in the Brenau Business Office at (770) 538-6150 to purchase Graduate Writing Credits.
  4. The Business Office will notify the GWS of your credit purchase. 
  5. You and your consultant will collaborate on a plan to strenghten the academic quality of your graduate-level writing.

    We look forward to working with you!

With support from our knowledgeable, experienced writing consultants, students of all disciplines can produce articulate, scholarly written work at the graduate level.

Is there a charge to use this service?
This service is available to Brenau University graduate students at the cost of $23.00/hour. Contact a Student Accounts Representative in the Brenau Business Office at (770)538-6150 to purchase graduate writing credit.

Who are your writing consultants?
Professional, trained tutors with graduate degrees and extensive writing experience. 

I just need help with APA format and documentation. Can you help me with this? Absolutely. We'll help you incorporate your discipline's specific stylistic requirements correctly into your writing. 

I don't have time to meet with a consultant in person. Can I still get help?
Of course. GWS consultants can meet with you face-to-face or discuss your work over the phone, via email, or even on Skype. We always make a special effort to accommodate the busy schedules of adult learners. 

What do I need to do to get started? 
Submit your assignment using our online submission form. Our consultant will review your paper and provide options to address your writing needs.

Tools and Resources


Writing Center Handouts

Seven Days to a Sensational Paper 

Formatting and Documentation

Official MLA Formatting and Documentation Guidelines

Official APA Formatting and Documentation Guidelines

Official Chicago Manual of Style Formatting and Documentation Guidelines 


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Brenau Honor Code

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