The Trip

Brenau University has a cooperative exchange agreement with Aalborg University in Denmark allowing students from either university to study abroad at the other school. Aalborg University offers several English-taught undergraduate and Master's degree programs in its Faculties of Humanities, Social Science and Engineering. Interdisciplinarity, problem-oriented studies, group project work, and interaction of theory and practice are defining characteristics of Aalborg University, which was founded in 1974 and is now Denmark's fourth largest university.

Aalborg Courses:

Development Studies - Social and economic development programs and policies affecting less-developed countries, especially Africa, China, and Latin America

International Cultural Studies - Nationalism and globalization, intercultural communication and international marketing, linguistics, literature, and communication studies. Courses and project work in French, German and Spanish available to students with intermediate and advanced level proficiency in those languages.

A class in Introductory Danish language and a lecture series in Scandinavian Studies are available to all guest students.

International Management - 1 year diploma. The diploma program consists of spring semester study at Aalborg, followed by a fall semester internship in either Europe or a developing country. Exchange students who do not wish to conduct the internships may apply for spring semester only.

International Business Economics - 2 year Master's degree.

    General Information:

            Application deadlines:
      • March 15 (Fall Semester)
      • September 15 (Spring Semester)
      *Some scholarships are available. Interns may apply for grants to cover the        cost of travel from Aalborg to their internship site.