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Hall Features                          Provided

Single Room                                                         No
Double Room                                                       Yes
Triple Room                                                          No
First Year Students                                              Yes
Upper Class Students                                            No
Shared Bath                                                        Yes
Hall Bath                                                              No
Moveable Furniture                                               Yes
Room Carpet                                                       Yes
Air Conditioning                                                   Yes
Cable TV                                                             Yes
Voice Mail                                                           Yes
Internet Hookup                                                    Yes
Elevator                                                                No
Handicap Access                                                 Yes
Vending                                                               Yes
Laundry Facility                                                    Yes
Hall Kitchen                                                          No
Study Lounge                                                       Yes
Living Learning Community                                     No

Housing | Crudup Hall

Crudup Hall is located next to Owens Student Center and is connected to VanHoose Hall via a shared lounge on the first floor.  All but a few rooms in Crudup house two students and every two rooms share a bathroom.  There are several rooms that can house three people and there is an ADA accessible room on the first floor.   Crudup has two floors.  The first floor has the very large lounge which is shared with VanHoose, the laundry facilities and the Resident Assistant’s office.  The second floor has a small computer lounge.  Students enjoy using the large porch of Crudup that has rocking chairs for enjoyment of all students.  There is no elevator in this hall.

Tornado Emergency: Interior hall on first floor.
Crudup Lobby

Crudup Room

Crudup Exterior