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**Currently Bailey is not being utilized due to renovations**

Hall Features                        Provided

Single Room                                                       No
Double Room                                                     Yes
Triple Room                                                       Yes
First Year Students                                            Yes
Upper Class Students                                          No
Shared Bath                                                      Yes
Hall Bath                                                            No
Moveable Furniture                                             Yes
Room Carpet                                                     Yes
Air Conditioning                                                 Yes
Cable TV                                                           Yes
Voice Mail                                                         Yes
Internet Hookup                                                 Yes
Elevator                                                             No
Handicap Access                                               No
Vending                                                            Yes
Laundry Facility                                                 Yes
Hall Kitchen                                                       Yes
Study Lounge                                                    Yes
Living Learning Community                                 Yes

Housing | Bailey Hall

Bailey Hall is adjacent to the Dining Hall and consists of two floors. Bailey First is actually on the second floor of the building and we refer to the third floor as Bailey Second (or the infamous Mt. Bailey) which is the top floor. Most rooms are designed for two people with several rooms set up as triples. Every two rooms share a bathroom. Bailey First has a small lounge which is shared with East Hall and where the vending machines are located. The hall kitchen is located on Bailey First and both halls have laundry facilities. Bailey Second has a small computer room and a large lounge with a TV. Bailey Second is also home to the universities resident ghost, Agnes, who is known for playing light-hearted tricks on faculty, staff, and students. There is no elevator in this hall.

Tornado Emergency: East Hall area where there are no windows.
Bailey Exterior

Bailey Room