What is WEPA?

Brenau University is currently using a new print vending solution at 
East Campus beginning Fall 2011. This product is called WEPA. This stands for Wireless Everywhere Print Anywhere. The WEPA machine allows for students to print from campus computers, personal laptops, USB memory sticks, and directly on the kiosk. Soon iPhones, Blackberrys and Windows enabled smart phones will have mobile apps that will allow for printing. This partnership will allow for reliable printing 
at a low cost for students to help buffer between the transition to pay-to-print. 

WEPA printing currently costs $.09 for a black and white page, and $.49 for a color page.

Where can I find a WEPA machine?

Brenau East Campus
  • Nursing Student Lab
  • OT Student Breakroom

Why use Wepa?

When used correctly, the WEPA machine can provide
a very quick and easy solution to printing. Being able to
select exactly what you want to print allows you to save time, paper and money. You can also send a print job to the WEPA machine from home and pick it up right before you have to go to class, so you don't have to worry about missing deadlines. 

Don't worry! It's not possible for someone to pick up your printed documents because WEPA provides a secure release code that only you have access too.

How to use WEPA

1. Register an account at www.wepanow.com

2. Add credits to your account. This can be done by at a WEPA kiosk or log in at their website.

3. Start Printing! 

Refer to the document below for step by step instructions or watch some videos!
Subpages (1): Wepa Training Videos