About Brenau IT

The Information Technology Team (IT) is responsible for providing and supporting all aspects of campus computing, telecommunications, and cable television. IT's mission is to work in collaboration with members of the Brenau community to facilitate the use of current and emerging information technology resources.  The Brenau community served by IT includes faculty, staff, students, alumni, parents, prospective students, retired faculty, trustees, vendors, contractors and all other individuals and organizations that interact with the University.  There individuals and organizations are provided with varying levels of access to computing infrastructure and services.

The range of systems and services provided include those that support and enrich teaching, learning, research and administration.  The systems and services touch virtually every aspect of campus life and are central to the academic enterprise as well as the administrative processes of the University. 

 The Brenau Help Desk

The Help Desk is designed to be the primary point of contact  for The Brenau IT Team.  Its purpose is to receive problem reports, requests, and questions regarding computing, telecommunications, and cable television at Brenau University.  You can Email the Help Desk with your day-to-day computing, telecom, and cable television issues at helpdesk@brenau.edu. You can also use our Support Knowledge Base, filled with many of our Frequently Asked Questions.  There is also a "Submit a Ticket" option where you can provide details about your request.  If your support need is urgent, call 770-538-4774.

On-Ground Assistance:

Trustee Library
Redwine Room 105 (Available M-F/9-5)

Online Assistance:

770-538-4774 (Available 24/7)
helpdesk@brenau.edu (Available 24/7)