Getting Started with iTunes U

What is iTunes U?

iTunes U is a free service hosted by Apple that allows instructors, administrators, and affiliates to manage, distribute, and control access to educational audio and video content for students within a college or university using Apple's iTunes Music Store infrastructure. This page provides information to help you create and manage content, set up and design pages, set access, get help from other iTunes U users, and more.

Uploading Content - Visual Uploading Guide

Link to your podcast          

To add a link on Blackboard you probably want to do it in html or use the button for create hyperlink in the GUI. 

First you go to your podcast on iTunes U and right click it and select the copy Podcast URL. Go to Blackboard, the Intranet, or a webpage and do one of the following:

1. In HTML type <a href="" target="_blank">Put a link name here</a>

2. Type a word, highlight it and click on the hyperlink button by the font selection.  Paste the link in the box.

Support Agreement with Apple

For simplicity the iTunes U store for Brenau has been setup by each school and some of the major programs.  Please Reference the content generation information provided by Apple on the iTunes U homepage.  We would like to remind everyone that iTunes U is a free service from Apple and there support model represents this fact.  We have been told that the product may be unavailable or be in service mode at any point.  This technology should be used as a secondary learning tool.  Users may experience slow downs due to network or machine problems.  Please do not contact the helpdesk as all questions will be directed to the Apple's support site here.

IT will add content tabs as necessary, but not all programs and organizations will be represented as the navigation will be to cumbersome for users.

Supported Files

Itunes will support mp3, AAC, PDF, and MPEG4 (Quicktime) file formats. You can upload these files in to the platform in many different ways. Use the diagram on the left to see how we demonstrate three different audio input devices and the software you will have to interact with to transfer the file to the learning community.