The College of Fine Arts and Humanities prepares students to live extraordinary lives of personal fulfillment and professional contributions by offering majors and minors in fine arts and humanities disciplines, by delivering courses in the Liberal Education curriculum, and by supporting Brenau University’s mission which emphasizes artistic expression, service to others, global understanding, and personal integrity.

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Art & Design Department

Brenau University and art: There has been a close bond between the two in this century, the previous one, and even part of the one that came before. Founded in 1878, Brenau University has a rich and distinguished heritage of excellence in the fine arts. The institution is known for this emphasis.  Visual expression enhances or even surpasses written communications, enriches lives by providing a cultural legacy, and increases individual and collective awareness of life's most meaningful experiences.

Mary Beth Looney, Chair

Interior Design Department

The practice of interior design combines aesthetics and technology in the total design of interior environments, which includes programming, space planning, finish materials, fabrics, furniture, and lighting. Brenau’s Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design is awarded with the Masters of Interior Design at the end of the program.  The BFA/MID combination provides an edge over other bachelor only programs, offering students liberal arts, business, and design electives and the option to begin professional practice in their final year of study. The Interior Design Department also offers a Master of Fine Arts in Interior Design.  The MFA in ID prepares students to teach at the college level and develop evidence-based design skills bridging practice and research. Students explore current issues in the interior design profession and develop skills to effectively communicate these issues to future students.  Students may elect to study in the Human Environment – Universal and Healthcare or in the Design Environment – Sustainability and Historic Preservation.

Our mission is to provide excellence in interior design education in a student-centered environment grounded in a liberal arts tradition that prepares students to practice interior design in the 21st century.

The BFA/MID program is available at the Gainesville campus weekdays through the Women’s College and as part of the Undergraduate College at the North Atlanta campus in the evenings and on weekends. The final graduate year is combined at the Atlanta campus location.  The MFA in ID is offered in a hybrid format, with online and on ground coursework also at the North Atlanta location.

Interior Design Homepage
Lynn M. Jones, Chair lmjones@brenau.edu

Humanities Department

Through its offerings in the liberal education sequence, and by its major programs, the faculty of the department of humanities strives to honor and further the primary purpose of Brenau: to offer a liberal arts education as a basis for academic and professional competence.  This purpose is served by affording to each student opportunities to enhance communication skills, to develop a more international perspective and to gain an appreciation for the functions of history, government, literature, and philosophy within a given culture.  In brief, the student is encouraged to develop those individual creative abilities which are of utmost value in creating a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Ken Frank, Chair

Dance Department

The Department of Dance at Brenau University educates the individual as a dance practitioner, scholar, and artist in a creative, supportive, and challenging environment. The department provides a solid foundation in classical ballet and modern dance with program plans accredited by the National Association of Schools of Dance. Students are encouraged to explore their values, while creating a personal philosophy as an artist of responsibility and integrity.

Dance Homepage
Vincas Greene, Chair


Music Department

In the Department of Music, we provide students the ability to learn, perform and teach extraordinary music  and her related disciplines. Our graduates advance in their professions by focusing on scholarship in all the liberal arts, technical and artistic proficiency in their particular fields, the latest pedagogical techniques, high-quality artistic expression and critical and thorough self-reflection. We also strive to integrate the life of the Department of Music into the Brenau community and into the larger civic milieu by means of performing, teaching, service leadership and global citizenship.

Music Homepage
Barbara Steinhaus, Chair

Theatre Department

Brenau University has the top-ranked theatre program in the state of Georgia. The Gainesville Theatre Alliance is a professional training program in a liberal arts setting. We work with professional guest artists from all over the nation to provide the best theatre experience for our audiences and top notch theatre training for our students. Four mainstage productions, including WonderQuest: GTA for Young Audiences program, and four to eight Discovery Series productions per year provide our majors with a wide variety of hands-on, feet-on-the-stage experiences.

Theatre Homepage
Ann Demling, Chair ademling@brenau.edu
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